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Our Services

At Dendron Brands Ltd we treat your brand as if it was our own.


Contract Manufacturing


Our MHRA accredited site delivers a full-service manufacturing solution, using the very latest equipment to produce a wide range of high-quality cosmetic, toiletry products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, all at the scale you need.


We work extensively with many leading healthcare and retail customers, developing and manufacturing new products.


Our cross functional teams dedicated to NPD offer a range of services including:


Product development
Product and formulation testing
NPD/EPD management
Sourcing of packaging and chemicals
Bulk manufacture and filling
QA and analytical support
QC testing and release
Outsourcing of non-manufactured items

Dendron Brands Ltd

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Dendron Brands Ltd

We have extensive bulk manufacturing capabilities, across:


Semisolid Dosage forms

Creams, Ointments, Gels, Shampoo


Liquid Dosage forms

Solutions, Syrups, Drops, Oils


Flexible packaging

Bottles, Tubes, Pots, Jars, Tottles, Bulk and other formats as per clients’ request

Process Technology


Pump dispensing systems and crimping operations
Automated Cartonning in all sizes
Automatic leaflet insertion
Blister packing
Shrink-wrapping and shrink-sleeving
Cello wrapping
Induction and conduction sealing
Laser coding, data matrix
Tamper evident packing
(overwrapping, tamper, proof stickering and capping)

Dendron Brands Ltd

Quality Services

We use one quality system across pharmaceuticals and toiletries
Fully equipped analytical and micro-biological laboratories
Qualified Persons (QPs) with responsibility for the release of finished products
Incoming raw materials and packaging QC
Audit function
Finished goods QC
All staff are GMP trained
Responsible Person (RP) responsible for safeguarding product users against potential hazards arising from poor distribution practices.
All warehouse staff are GDP trained
All our operations and equipment are controlled and our Standard Operating Procedures are regularly reviewed


We also provide specialist regulation and legislation consultancy services for both the UK and export markets, including liaising with national and international regulatory authorities, pre-market submissions and product registration and licensing.